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Mars Panorama #1 (Panoramic View from Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity) - 3D Panorama for .NET Framework for Silverlight
Mars Panorama #2 (Panoramic View from Mars Exploration Rover Curiosity) - 3D Panorama for .NET Framework for Silverlight

The 3D Panorama

ScreenShot Image : The 3D Panorama - 3D panoramic photo viewer for Silverlight®

The 3D Panorama is a running demonstration sample of three dimensional panoramic photo mapping technology for Microsoft® .NET Framework for Silverlight®. Experience interactive panoramic viewing in the compact 3D viewer.

* Microsoft and Silverlight are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Some Features

*The sample above demonstrates cubic projection.

How-to-Control-the-Camera Instructions

After a while with preloading process, a scenery comes into the screen and viewer gets ready. The camera in the viewer can be controlled via either mouse or keyboard actions.

Control the camera by mouse: To pan the camera, mouse-drag-and-drop on the screen. And, to zoom the camera, mouse-wheel on the screen. By wheeling with mouse-pointer placed on a some destination point on the screen, you can zoom view directly toward that point.

Control the camera by keyboard: Use arrow keys for panning. And use +/- keys for zooming.

Frequently Asked Questions

*If you have questions to be put here, please write an email to the contact address through "feedback" link in the footer of this web-page.

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